Information for Authors

For us to consider a book for publication, it is useful if we receive a book proposal drafted as follows. You should find 4–5 pages of A4 adequate, but this is only a guideline.


This needs only be a working title. However, it should give as clear and as full an indication as you can manage of the area of focus and the contents of your book.


This should offer a concise introduction — a page — delineating the themes and scope of the proposed book.


This should be arranged under chapter headings. Each chapter should need no more than a paragraph or two to detail content and show how the argument progresses.


If your book will be illustrated, please give us a good idea of the number and type of illustrations proposed. If at all possible, supply a few photocopies.

The Author

Please provide a CV. This should cover your professional background and current position, relevant experience and previous publications (books and articles).

The Market

Give an outline of the proposed market and also the level at which it might be pitched, and the likely readership. If you have courses in mind where the book might be used, give us further details. As we will aim to market your book overseas, you need not restrict your thinking to the UK.


Please supply information about any works in the same field which might be seen as competition for your book, or give some indication of how yours differs from these.

Date of delivery

Please let us know when, realistically, you would be able to deliver a finished typescript.


Submissions Dept
Reaktion Books Ltd
Unit 32, Waterside
44–48 Wharf Road
London N1 7UX

If you would like to have unsuccessful submitted material returned to you, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.


We also accept proposals via email. Please send your submission (in Word doc format) to the below address:

Guide for Authors

If you are already contracted to write a book for Reaktion, a PDF copy of our Guide for Authors can be downloaded here.