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  • Bee
    Claire Preston

    Claire Preston's Bee is a history of our long, complex relationship with this...

  • Biscuits and Cookies A Global History
    Anastasia Edwards

    Which is your favourite biscuit (or cookie, if you're from the USA)? Chocolate-chip,...

  • Creative Gatherings Meeting Places of Modernism
    Mary Ann Caws

    Art is seen as a solitary, even a reclusive, endeavour. But visual artists, writers...

  • Darker Shades The Racial Other in Early Modern Art
    Victor I. Stoichita

    Difference exists; otherness is constructed. This book asks how important Western...

  • Dining Out A Global History of Restaurants
    Katie Rawson
    A global history of restaurants beyond white tablescloths and maître d’s,...
  • Mexico City Cradle of Empires
    Nick Caistor
    Mexico City has always been a seat of empire. In its grandiose pretentions and sheer...