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  • Fairies A Dangerous History
    Richard Sugg

    How dangerous were fairies? In the late seventeenth century, they could still scare...

  • Goldfish
    Anna Marie Roos

    Living work of art, consumer commodity, scientific hero and environmental menace: the...

  • Kingfisher
    Ildiko Szabo

    Kingfishers are a sight to behold. The dash and verve of this cosmopolitan bird has...

  • Mustard A Global History
    Demet Güzey

    Whether grainy or smooth, spicy or sweet, Dijon, American or English, mustard...

  • Paracelsus An Alchemical Life
    Bruce T. Moran

    Throughout his controversial life the alchemist, physician and social radical known...

  • Photography and War
    Pippa Oldfield
    There are countless books on war photography, most of these focusing on dramatic...