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  • Eye for Detail Images of Plants and Animals in Art and Science, 15001630
    Florike Egmond
    Image-transforming techniques such as close-up, time lapse and layering are often...
  • The Grain of the Clay Reflections on Ceramics and the Art of Collecting
    Allen S. Weiss
    People collect to connect with the past, personal and historic, to exercise some...
  • Canada Modern Architectures in History
    Rhodri Windsor Liscombe
    ‘We shall demand of our architects a sensitive interpretation of...
  • Faith and Sword A Short History of Christian-Muslim Conflict, Second Expanded Edition
    Alan G. Jamieson
    Faith and Sword gives a wide-ranging and detailed survey of what has arguably been...
  • Pasta and Noodles A Global History
    Kantha Shelke
    Just when you thought you knew everything about the humble noodle, Pasta and Noodles...
  • Salad A Global History
    Judith Weinraub
    From vegetable garnish to grandes sallets, this is an appetizing history of salads....