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  • Zooming In Histories of Photography in China
    Wu Hung
    From the first sets of photographic records made by Western travellers to the...
  • Chillies A Global History
    Heather Arndt Anderson
    Despite their fearsome reputation, chillies have helped to shape the identities of...
  • Rice and Baguette A History of Food in Vietnam
    Vu Hong Lien
    The once-obscure cuisine of Vietnam is a favourite of many people from East to West....
  • Edible Flowers A Global History
    Constance L. Kirker
    Few things in life have as much universal appeal as flowers. But why in the world...
  • Storm Nature and Culture
    John Withington
    Storms affect our lives in many remarkable and dangerous ways. Gales, hurricanes,...
  • Zombies A Cultural History
    Roger Luckhurst
    Zombies: A Cultural History, now available in paperback, sifts materials from...