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  • Pomegranate A Global History
    Damien Stone
    Juicy, crunchy, tart: with its multitude of seeds and juice akin to blood, it’s...
  • Seaweed A Global History
    Kaori O’Connor
    Seaweed is both the world’s oldest and its newest superfood. As a food,...
  • Berlin
    Joseph Pearson
    Berlin is a party in a graveyard. It is Europe’s youth capital, and its guilty...
  • Michelangelo and the Viewer in His Time
    Bernardine Barnes
    Today Michelangelo’s painting and sculpture is seen most often in museums,...
  • Rocks, Ice and Dirty Stones Diamond Histories
    Marcia Pointon
    King of stones, valued since antiquity for their unrivalled hardness, diamonds today...
  • Honey A Global History
    Lucy M. Long
    Honey is now thought of mostly as a sweetener, but in its long history around the...