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  • The Joy of Sets A Short History of the Television
    Chris Horrocks
    We watch television for hours at a time, but the television set is never itself the...
  • Shrimp A Global History
    Yvette Florio Lane
    The small but mighty shrimp, or prawn, has lured diners to the table for centuries....
  • Shoes The Meaning of Style
    Elizabeth Semmelhack
    We all make choices every day about which shoes to wear, but why do we choose the...
  • Swamp Nature and Culture
    Anthony Wilson
    Throughout history, swamps have been idealized and demonized, purged and protected....
  • Rembrandt’s Holland
    Larry Silver
    Rembrandt van Rijn and the Netherlands grew up together. The artist, born in Leiden...
  • Gifts of the Gods A History of Food in Greece
    Andrew Dalby
    What do we think about when we think of Greek food? For many, it is the meze and...