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  • Revolt in the Netherlands The Eighty Years War, 1568-1648
    Anton van Der Lem
    In 1568 the Seventeen Provinces in the Netherlands rebelled against the colonial rule...
  • A History of Reading
    Steven Roger Fischer
    Steven Roger Fischer’s fascinating book, now available in an updated B-format...
  • Edge of Empires A History of Georgia
    Donald Rayfield
    Georgia is the most Western-looking state in today’s Near or Middle East and,...
  • Chicago From Vision to Metropolis
    Whet Moser
    Chicago has been called the ‘most American of cities’ and the...
  • Arthur God and Hero in Avalon
    Christopher R. Fee
    For fifteen centuries, legends of King Arthur have inspired generations. In the misty...
  • Victor Hugo
    Bradley Stephens
    Victor Hugo (1802-85) is an icon of French culture. He achieved immense success as a...