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216 × 138 mm
240 pages
110 illustrations, 100 in colour
01 Mar 2019
  • £16.00

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Carnivorous Plants Dan Torre

Carnivorous plants are a unique group, possessing modified leaves to trap, kill and consume small creatures. As a result they are often depicted as killers in films and literature, yet others regard them as exotic and beautiful specimens to collect and display. In this abundantly illustrated and highly entertaining book, Dan Torre describes the evolution, structure and scientific background of carnivorous plants. He also shows how they have inspired our imaginations, examining their cultural and social history and how they have been represented in art, literature, cinema, animation and popular culture. This fascinating history will appeal to the wide audience interested in these singular, arresting, beautiful yet deadly plants.

‘Dan Torre takes you from Ed Wood to Pokémon, from surrealistic art to synergistic relationships between bats and plants, all without missing a beat. This is one of those books that takes an already fascinating topic – animal-eating plants – and makes it even more exciting, more weird and endlessly fascinating.’ – Tim Entwhistle, Director and Chief Executive, Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria, Australia

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Dan Torre is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design at rmit University, Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of Cactus (Reaktion, 2017).