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250 × 190 mm
304 pages
150 illustrations, 80 in colour
01 Jun 2019
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Dining Out A Global History of Restaurants Katie Rawson, Elliott Shore

A global history of restaurants beyond white tablecloths and maître d’s, this book presents restaurants as businesses as well as venues for a range of human experiences. From banquets in tenth-century China to the medicinal roots of French restaurants, the origins of restaurants are not singular – and nor is the history this book tells. Dining Out highlights stories across time and place, including how chifa restaurants emerged from the migration of Chinese workers and their marriages to Peruvian businesswomen in nineteenthcentury Peru; how Alexis Soyer transformed kitchen chemistry by popularizing the gas stove, pre-dating the pyrotechnics of molecular gastronomy by a century; and how Harvey Girls dispelled the ill repute of waiting tables, making rich lives for themselves across the American West. This informed and entertaining history takes readers from the world’s first restaurants in Kaifeng to the latest high-end dining experiences.

Katie Rawson is Director of Learning Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania and writes on food culture. Elliott Shore is Professor of History Emeritus at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, and has written on the history of restaurants, advertising and German America.