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220 × 190 × 18 mm
200 pages
102 illustrations, 76 in colour
01 Jun 2010
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Photography and Africa Erin Haney

A continent of vast geography and comprising more than 50 nation states, Africa has long been an essential crossroads for photographers. Since the advent of the medium in the first half of the 19th century, a myriad of photographers - indigenous and immigrant, amateur and professional, explorer and colonist - have chronicled the tumultuous transformations of cultural, environmental and political landscape.

Photography and Africa investigates the many themes that intertwine photographs with the circumstances of their production. Presenting a wealth of fascinating and rare images, Erin Haney brings together some of the most vibrant examples captured across the continent. Ranging from royal portraiture in the 19th-century Cape Coast to railway gangs in Uganda, to apartheid-era South African resistance photography and to glimmering cityscapes, this book illustrates the fascinating and pervasive relationship between Africa and photography. The importance of pre- and post-colonial African photographers is stressed, and Haney investigates how the medium has influenced other art forms - painting, sculpture, textiles and public performance - from the 19th century through to today.

This powerful and celebratory account of Africa and photography will appeal to all those interested in the medium, and in how the two have interacted and informed each other over time.

‘Along with a fascinating analysis of the forms and meanings of photography in Africa, Haney gives us a bounty of visual images (most but not exclusively black and white) to ponder and appreciate as well as a wealth of historical information about particular photographers and studios on the continent. The historian of African photography has a great deal of valuable material to work with here Anthropology Review Readers will benefit not only from Haney's vast knowledge of the subject, but from her sophisticated knowledge of the issues it involves . . . A summary of the books contents cannot do it justice: Haney has a talent for writing, with an enviably wide vocabulary and a style that makes even the most descriptive text interesting . . . Specialists and non-specialists alike will find Photography and Africa to be both informative and provocative.’ — H-AfrArts Review

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Erin Haney is an independent curator working on projects concerning contemporary and 20th-century photographers from Africa and its diasporas. She is currently a Research Specialist at the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.


Chapter One: Towards a Wider History
Chapter Two: Portraits in the World
Chapter Three: 'Observers are worried . . .'
Chapter Four: Painting, Printing and Photography
Chapter Five: Intimate Views

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