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216 × 138 × 14 mm
224 pages
129 illustrations, 124 in colour
01 Oct 2007
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Korean Cuisine An llustrated History Michael Pettid

The spicy tang of kimchi, the richness of Korean barbecue, the hearty flavours of bibimbap: Korean cuisine is savoured the world over for its diversity of ingredients and flavours. Michael J. Pettid offers here an illustrated historical account of Korean food and its intricate relationship with the nation’s culture.

Over the last twelve centuries, Korean food dishes and their complex preparations have evolved along with the larger cultural and political upheaval experienced by the nation. Pettid charts this historical development of the cuisine, exploring the ways that regional distinctions and historical transformations played out in the Korean diet - including the effects of wartime food shortages and preparation techniques. Underlying all these dishes are complicated philosophical and aesthetic considerations, and Pettid delves into their impact on everything from the rituals associated with group meals or drinks with friends to the strict rules governing combinations of dishes and ingredients according to temperature, texture, spices, colour and consistency.

Featuring a batch of mouthwatering recipes and over a hundred vivid photographs of a striking array of dishes, Korean Cuisine is an incisive and engaging investigation into the relationship between Korean culture and food that will spice up the bookshelves of foodies and scholars alike.

‘This attractive book pleases at many levels, from the historical and literary to the social and culinary, passing by the geographical, agricultural and even cosmological . . . As well as anchoring his discussion of Korean cuisine in history and literature, Pettid draws out the role of food and its preparation in celebration and ritual . . . The many illustrations, mostly in colour, enhance the books appeal, and a selection of recipes encourages the reader to experiment.’ — Asian Affairs

‘. . . a straightforward and engaging history of Korean cuisine and culinary customs This work covers daily, ritual, and regional food and drink and ends with chapters on foods of the royal palace, the kitchen space, and contemporary Korean. Recommended.’ — Choice

‘If your opinions about Korean food and its international image take stances on whether or not it is too spicy, too salty, too pungent, too odor-causing, or just perfect, then this is the right book to learn the reasons why and how these traits have meaningfully evolved over time.’ — Acta Koreana

‘. . . a book that is destined to become a classic work on the evolution of Korean cuisine. It isnt a recipe book although it does have quite a few. Its a history book and charts the culinary progress of Korea from ancient times to the present . . . a comprehensive and fascinating look at a truly different food culture.’ — MostlyFood.co.uk

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Michael J. Pettid is Assistant Professor of Korean and Korean Literature in the Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages at State University of New York at Binghamton, New York.

1. Daily Foods
2. Ritual and Seasonal Foods
3. Regional Specialities
4. Drinks
5. Foods of the Royal Palace
6. The Kitchen Space and Utensils
7. Food in Contemporary Korea
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