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288 pages
01 Apr 2019
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Earthly Immortalities How the Dead Live On in the Lives of Others Peter Moore

In this thought-provoking book, Peter Moore examines the often overlooked issues concerning human mortality – the fragile ways in which the dead can be said to ‘live on’ in earthly terms: not only in the memories of others, but through their children, their work, their possessions and even their bodies. Such earthly immortalities raise a host of fascinating questions about our attitudes to life, and to the world we leave behind us when we die. To what extent does the meaning we find in our lives depend upon the assumption that there will always be a new generation to continue the human adventure? What would it be like if science were able to extend life indefinitely, and is this something already enshrined in the doctrine of reincarnation? Can we solve our anxieties about mortality by learning that life is worth living precisely because we do not live forever? A generous and eloquent account, these and more are the questions Earthly Immortalities seeks to answer.

‘This is a welcome addition to the interdisciplinary scholarship of death and dying.’ –William Spellman, Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Asheville

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Peter Moore is Honorary Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Kent at Canterbury. His most recent book is Where are the Dead? Exploring the Idea of an Embodied Afterlife (2017).