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210 × 148 mm
576 pages
152 illustrations
01 Jun 2019
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Boxing A Cultural History Kasia Boddy

Throughout history, potters, sculptors, painters, poets, novelists, cartoonists, songwriters, photographers and film-makers have recorded and made sense of boxing. In her encyclopedic investigation of the shifting social, political and cultural resonances of this most visceral of sports, Kasia Boddy tells us just how and why boxing has mattered so much to so many. From Daniel Mendoza to Mike Tyson, boxers have embodied and enacted our anxieties about race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Looking afresh at everything from neoclassical sculpture to hip-hop lyrics, Boddy explores the way in which the history of boxing has intersected with the history of mass media, and sheds new light on the work of such diverse figures as Henry Fielding and Spike Lee, Charlie Chaplin and Philip Roth, James Joyce and Mae West, Bertolt Brecht and Charles Dickens. This paperback edition contains a new preface by the author.

‘A penetrating, sparky and powerfully intelligent work of artistic, sporting and cultural history . . . when you get to its final page you will find that you have not merely been entertained but enlightened, too. A literary knockout.’ – The Times Sports Books of the Year

‘Compendious, and thoroughly fascinating . . . an excellent, well-written and beautifully illustrated book.’ – Daily Telegraph

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Kasia Boddy is Lecturer in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge and has published widely on British and American literature and film. She is the author of The American Short Story Since 1950 (2010) and Geranium (Reaktion, 2012), and the editor of The New Penguin Book of American Short Stories (2011).