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197 × 120 × 15 mm
136 pages
62 illustrations, 47 in colour
01 Sep 2011
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Champagne A Global History Becky Sue Epstein

From the smash of a bottle on the side of a new ship to the pop of a cork at a party, champagne signals celebration, fun and camaraderie. Bubbly, as we affectionately call sparkling wine, is a symbol of luxury and decadence and the preferred drink for any important toast.

Champagne reveals the history of the world’s great sparkling wines, telling the stories of the people who made champagne famous – from Dom Pérignon to Veuve Clicquot – and describing the evolution of the sparkling wines of other regions that are now so popular. Starting with the story of the first modern French sparkling wines to be traded, produced by monks in Limoux, Languedoc in 1531, Becky Sue Epstein takes us on a tour of vineyards around the world, from the Champagne region itself through Germany, Spain and the New World, and tells the story of the fiercely guarded right to use the ‘champagne’ name. Explaining the science behind the characteristic fizz and bubble, she also teaches us the correct techniques for storing and serving champagne and sparkling wine, and the distinctions between them.

Whether you prefer magnums of Cristal or the more affordable thrill of prosecco or cava, Champagne is an invaluable complement to a glass of bubbly as well as an informative, elegant gift for all wine-lovers.

‘This short volume, wittily illustrated and beautifully designed, is a pleasure both to look at and to consume. Which, given the subject matter, seems fitting.’ — The Spectator

‘A sparkling history of the worlds greatest wine. Stories, pictures and mouth-watering cocktails’ — The Lady

Champagne is an invaluable complement to a glass of bubbly as well as an informative, elegant gift for all wine lovers.’ — Intermezzo

‘an entertaining look at the worlds most celebratory beverage. Pop a cork and enjoy a flûte of our favorite bubbly while brushing up on champagne lore.’ — The Tasting Panel

‘With the holidays around the corner, now might be a good time to brush up on your Champagne facts. Epsteins book, slim and elegant like a flute of sparkling wine, is brimming with information, from the essential the evolution of Champagne to the esoteric.’ — PalatePress.com

‘Becky Sue Epstein has been interviewed on the WineGuyMike Radio Show, on Trail 103.3. To listen to the podcast please click play below.’ — Quote

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Becky Sue Epstein is an author and journalist in the fields of wine, spirits, food and travel based in Massachussets, USA. She is the author of many books on wine, spirits and food including Champagne: A Global History and Brandy: A Global History, both published by Reaktion Books.

Bubbling Up to the Top: Champagne and Other Great Sparkling Wines

1. The Origins of Champagne
2. The Cult and Culture of Champagne
3. Champagne is Established
4. Sparkling Wine Producers Around the World
5. Wars, Society and Taste: Stresses on Champagne in the Twentieth Century
6. Style, Styles and Stylishness
7. Scandale! Expanding Champagne Around the World
8. Drinking Today: What, Where and How

Champagne Rules: Buying, Storing, Serving
What to Have with your Champagne and Sparkling Wine
Classic Cocktail Recipes for Champagne and Sparkling Wine
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