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280 × 225 × 27 mm
344 pages
437 illustrations, 392 in colour
01 Feb 2012
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Artists’ Postcards A Compendium Jeremy Cooper

Over the last twenty years an increasing number of artists have turned to expressing themselves through postcards. Whether by way of installation, collage, addition to, or alteration of existing postcards, or the production of postcards themselves, many prominent artists employ the medium in some form. Artists Postcards traces the origin of artists’ fascination with postcards from the early 1900s but with a focus on the contemporary, revealing the significant number of artists who have made creative and unusual artworks in postcard form.

With 400 images of postcards created by many well-known artists, Artists Postcards is the first critical guide to the subject. From surrealists to Fluxus and conceptual artists, this book includes an array of historical and contemporary postcards by such artists as George Grosz, Bruce Nauman, Richard Long, David Hockney, Richard Hamilton, Susan Hiller, Joseph Beuys, Ben Vautier, Dieter Roth, Ray Johnson, Gordon Matta-Clark, Gavin Turk, Tacita Dean, Gilbert and George and Rachel Whiteread.

Artists Postcards will be of interest to artists and graphic designers, as well as to postcard collectors.

‘the first critical guide to artists’ postcards and it sets about the task in a methodical and comprehensive way . . . for someone already interested, it's an excellent resource and for someone new it’s a great introduction. Well produced and accessible, this publication is probably the key text so far in this rich niche of the art world’ — Cassone Art Review

‘an ultra-intelligent delight, a revelation, and a paean to the art-gallery postcard rack . . . Featuring 437 postcards and a lively, substantial commentary’ — Gregory OBrien, Books of the Year, The Listener, New Zealand

‘A curious mix of transience, sentimentality, obsolescence and nostalgia surrounds the humble postcard, which makes them a fertile format for an artist to express themselves. The past 20 years or so has seen a range of artists utilising the postcard, including Rachel Whiteread, Ellsworth Kelly, Gilbert and George and many others. Jeremy Cooper traces this history from the 1900s through to Surrealism and conceptual art and up to the present. This is not a tenuous theme, but a fascinating one, that takes in many important artists on the way.’ — The Bookseller

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Jeremy Cooper is a novelist who has also written and published widely on art and antiques. He appeared on all the early BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, was co-presenter of Radio 4’s The Week’s Antiques, and is the author of four novels.

Introduction: The Art of Postcards
One: Pre-1945
Two: 1945 to 1980
Three: Contemporary

Categories of Artists' Postcards
  Artist-designed postcards
  Manipulated postcards
  Composite postcard pieces
  Postcards in collage
  Boxes, sets and books of postcards
  Postcards in mail art
  Postcard presses, designers and photographers
  Political/polemical postcards
  Promotional postcards
  Graphic postcards
  Postcards as pictures

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