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01 Feb 2011
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The Modern Balkans A History Richard C. Hall

For much of its history, southeast Europe remained apart politically, culturally and economically from the rest of the European continent. Byzantine and then Ottoman rule isolated this region from Western Europe. Beginning in the nineteenth century, this region, also known as the Balkans, began the process of integration with Western Europe.

In The Modern Balkans, historian Richard C. Hall gives a complete account of the historical events that have shaped the Balkan region. The process of economic and political development following the Western European model has been far from smooth in the Balkans; it has often been marked by violence and destruction, the result of many wars and rebellions. Though Soviet power imposed a 45-year peace in the region, the collapse of the Soviet Union renewed conflict that continued through the end of the twentieth century. Hall concentrates here on the significant political and economic events that have had the greatest impact on the role of the Balkans in Europe; in particular, he examines the development of national states in the nineteenth century, the influence of the two world wars and the collapse of Yugoslavia.

This clear and concise history of the Balkan Peninsula will appeal to readers and scholars interested in European history and the Balkans’ unique role in it.

‘Halls portrayal of recent Balkan history intertwines intricately the influences of the numerous countries involved, on one another, bringing important new perspectives and nuances to the complicated overall picture.’ — Central and Eastern European Review

‘The book written presents the reader with an extensive and comprehensive history of the Balkans. He depicts influences, turbulence and developments within each of the Balkan countries, thereby providing the reader with a general and contextualised history of this region . . . a well-written and structured overview of Balkan history.’ — European Review of History

‘Reaktion has published a number of good national histories focusing on recent decades. This book adds a valuable regional dynamic . . . Hall ably engages with the impact of imperial legacies and pressures, notably the impact of Ottoman, Habsburg and Russian power. These interacted with religious and ethnic identities and alignments. Hall is good on these elements and on the perception of the Balkans . . . It is not easy to cover so much in such a short book. Hall is to be congratulated.’ — Journal of European Studies

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Richard C. Hall is Professor of History at Georgia Southwestern State University. He is the author of The Balkan Wars 1912-1913: Prelude to the First World War (2003), Consumed by War: European Conflict in the 20th Century (2009) and Balkan Breakthrough, The Battle of Dobro Pole 1918 (2010).

1. Geography
2. The Legacy of Empire: The Middle Ages to 1804
3. The Intrusion of Modernity, 1804–78
4. The National Wars, 1878–1918
5. The Interbellum, 1919–39
6. Renewed War, 1939–45
7. The Establishment of Soviet Control, 1945–53
8. Erosion of Soviet Control, 1953–85
9. An End and a Beginning, 1985–Present

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