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01 Jul 2010
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Geopolitics and Globalization in the Twentieth Century Second Revised and Expanded Edition Brian W. Blouet

This book looks at the struggle between the processes of globalization and geopolitical forces over the last 150 years. The twentieth century witnessed a struggle between geopolitical states who wanted to close off and control earth space, resources and population and globalizing ones who wished to open up the world to the free flow of ideas, goods and services. Brian W. Blouet analyses the tug-of-war between these tendencies, the playing out of which determined the shape and behaviour of today’s world. Beginning his survey in the late nineteenth century, Blouet shows how the Second World War served to focus international awareness on the ramifications of global controls, and how we may be facing the end of geopolitics today.

‘Raises in a provocative way many interesting and timely points . . . destined to influence this debate for years to come.’ — History Today

‘of particular interest in that [Blouet] understands globalization in its wider historical context, rather than its narrowly defined usage of the past’ — Progress in Human Geography

‘Offers an impressive marshalling of geopolitical history’ — Journal of World History

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Brian W. Blouet is Huby Professor of Geography and International Education at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. He is the author of Halford MacKinder: A Biography (1987).