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197 × 120 × 15 mm
144 pages
59 illustrations, 51 in colour
01 Sep 2008

Pizza A Global History Carol Helstosky

Thin crust, Chicago deep-dish or Sicilian; there are countless ways to create the dish called pizza, and the debate over the best way to cook it never ends. Carol Helstosky documents the fascinating history and cultural life of this chameleon-like food in Pizza.

Originally a food for the poor in eighteenth-century Naples, pizza is a source of national and regional pride in Italy as well as of cultural identity. In the twentieth century, pizza followed Italian immigrants to America, where it became the nation’s most popular dish and fuelled the rise of successful fast-food corporations such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Pizza has been adapted to local cuisines and has become a metaphor for cultural exchanges. From the world’s largest pizza, which was 37.4 metres (122 ft 8 in) in diameter, to the most expensive – sprinkled with edible 24-carat gold shavings – pizza is one of the world’s best-loved and most adaptable dishes.

Pizza also features several tasty recipes and a wealth of illustrations. Whether you love sausage and onions on your pizza or just unadorned cheese, Pizza will satisfy even the pickiest of readers.

‘Pizza may be considered quite a simple dish, but its history is a different story and Pizza: A Global History is the perfect book to uncover all the twists and turns in the delicacys past. From how the first example was created, to the law for the protection of the Neapolitan pizza in 2004, you will discover it all. Plus dont miss the lovely recipes at the end.’ — Taste Italia

Pizza offers a succinct overview of food history, with impressive analytical heft for a book of its size.’ — Gastronomica

‘Fascinating and well researched. Carol Helstosky is a food writer deserving of a space on your bookshelf and I look forward to reading more from her.’ — MostlyFood.co.uk

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Carol Helstosky is Associate Professor of History at the University of Denver, USA. She is the author of Garlic and Oil: Politics of Food in Italy (2004) and Food Culture in the Mediterranean (forthcoming, 2009).

1  History Lesson on a Plate: Pizza in Italy
2  Pizza Americana
3  The Little Meal That Could: Pizza's Conquest of the World
4  The Future of Pizza
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