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280 × 210 mm
256 pages
268 illustrations, 75 in colour
01 Sep 1999

Hans Holbein Oskar Bätschmann, Pascal Griener

Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/8 - 1543) was one of the most versatile and admired painters of the Northern Renaissance. This richly illustrated book by Oskar Bätschmann and Pascal Griener – the first comprehensive monograph on the artist to appear in more than forty years – is a major advance in our understanding of Holbein’s contribution to European art. Re-examining every aspect of a remarkable career, the authors take full account of the artistic and cultural influences that affected Holbein and of his friendships with leading humanists such as Erasmus and Sir Thomas More. As a result the book casts fresh light on many previously vexing questions and misunderstandings about this great artist’s life and work.

‘Oskar Bätschmann and Pascal Griener’s Hans Holbein . . . is a major contribution to the understanding of 16th-century humanist art.’ – The Independent on Sunday

‘The authors reveal a real sympathy for, an understanding of, the mixed character of Holbein’s work . . . The book is extremely well illustrated and has very good colour plates . . . With much that is fresh and rewarding, this is one of the most welcome of the books published in celebration of the 500th anniversary of Holbein’s birth.’ – The Times Literary Supplement

‘The authors successfully interweave Holbein’s versatility, his artistic creativity and the recognition he was afforded by his contemporaries.’ – The Times Higher Education Supplement

‘Like only a few other painters in history, Holbein made the human likeness seem to erase the distance between his time and ours . . . This readable scholarly book not only situates Holbein carefully in his own time but teaches us how to read his paintings and prints in depth.’ – Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle

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Oskar Bätschmann is Professor of History of Art at the University of Bern, Switzerland, and is the author of Giovanni Bellini (Reaktion Books, 2007).

Pascal Griener is Professor of History of Art at the Institute of Art History, Neuchatel, Switzerland.