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205 × 127 × 15 mm
160 pages
64 illustrations, 56 in colour
15 Mar 2021

Yoghurt A Global History June Hersh

Yoghurt: A Global History is a fascinating look at the rich history of yoghurt, from its earliest awakenings in Neolithic times to the modern-day phenomena it has become. The book delves into its nutritious properties, analyses worldwide consumption and explores the new developments in yoghurts, including non-dairy varieties, on the go options and its impact in China, Europe and North America. Scientific studies and practical guidance help the reader better understand the plethora of yoghurt products available. Lastly, step by step instructions on how to make foolproof homemade yoghurt are included, as well as mouth-watering international recipes.

‘In Yoghurt: A Global History, June teaches yoghurt lovers how one of the world’s oldest and healthiest foods has evolved from an exotic ingredient to a valuable staple in kitchens from East to West!’ — Jennifer Abadi, author of Too Good to Passover

‘June Hersh’s remarkable book teems with millions of microbes of knowledge about an ancient and vital food.’ — Jeff Ross, farmstead educator and artisan chef, Blackberry Farm

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June Hersh is the author of Recipes Remembered, a Celebration of Survival and The Kosher Carnivore. She lives in New York.