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204 × 126 × 12 mm
144 pages
58 illustrations, 54 in colour
12 Oct 2020

Saffron A Global History Ramin Ganeshram

Explore the dramatic history of the world’s most expensive spice in Saffron: A Global History. Literally worth their weight in gold, sunset-red saffron threads are prized internationally. Saffron can be found in cave art in Mesopotamia, in the frescoes of ancient Santorini, in the dyed wrappings of Egyptian mummies, in the saffron-hued robes of Buddhist monks, and in unmistakable dishes around the world. It has been the catalyst for trade wars, as well as smuggling schemes, and used in medicine and cosmetics.

Complete with delicious recipes and surprising anecdotes, this book traces the many paths taken by saffron, revealing the allure of a spice sought globally by merchants, chefs, artists, scientists, clerics, traders, warriors and black market smugglers.

‘This book is much like the ingredient it focuses on: exquisite. A brilliant and informative book by an uber talented author.’ — Monica Bhide, cookbook author

‘The book, like others in the Edible series, is beautifully presented and is best suited to those with an interest in culinary history. It is full of interesting anecdotes and references to saffron in art and literature.’ — OxVeg News

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Journalist and chef Ramin Ganeshram is the author of a number of cookbooks and The General’s Cook: A Novel (2018).


1 Flower of the Gods: Origin and Early Cultivation
2 The Ancient World, Silk Road
3 Saffron in the Medieval and Renaissance Eras
4 North America and the Caribbean
5 Arts and Medicine
6 Modern Market

A Saffron Primer
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