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18 Jan 2021

Reinventing Religion Beyond Belief and Scepticism Peter Moore

Many of us, proponents and critics alike, commonly make assumptions about religion. We may presume that religion is mainly about having beliefs or being good, or that it is concerned with spiritual rather than material issues, or that religious ideas and practices are meant to be somehow timeless. Such views, Peter Moore argues, work only to obscure the truth that religion is essentially humanity’s quest to become fully human.

This enlightening exposition questions our very understanding of faith and contends that religions should remain open to reinventing themselves, both practically and intellectually, rediscovering neglected traditions and finding new ways forward. Written with subtlety and passion, this book gets to the heart of ongoing debates about the validity and purpose of religion.

‘Religious studies scholar Moore posits in this persuasive work that polarized views of religion fail to represent “the real nature, and full potential, of religion.”. . . Moore argues forcefully for the positive role of religions in society, irrespective of the specific tradition . . . readers interested in the evolution of religious practice will enjoy Moore’s diverse survey.’ — Publishers Weekly

‘Anyone, whether a sceptic or a believer, will find stimulus in this book. It considers religion from a range of perspectives in a way that is always questioning and readable.’ — The Rt Revd Lord (Richard) Harries of Pentregarth, former Bishop of Oxford and Honorary Professor of Theology, King’s College London

‘Peter Moore muses that this book will irritate ardent secularists and passionate believers alike. But for the many people in the middle, this volume will be deeply satisfying. Shunning dogmatism of any variety, Moore offers insights about religion that are both subtle and intuitive. He brushes away jargon and lays out a compelling way forward for speaking about religion – both inside the academy and beyond – which returns religion to its better angels.’ — Aaron Rosen, Professor of Religion and Visual Culture, Wesley Theological Seminary, and author of 'Brushes with Faith' (2019) and 'Art & Religion in the 21st Century' (2015)

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Peter Moore taught religious studies at the University of Kent for many years. His most recent book is Earthly Immortalities: How the Dead Live On in the Lives of Others (Reaktion, 2019).

1 Religion Undefined
2 Overcoming Belief
3 Religion as Practice
4 Religion as Theory
5 In Experiences We Trust?
6 Here Be Authorities and Institutions
7 No Good Being Religious
8 Idolatry Ancient and Modern
9 Universality in Particularity
10 The Cosmological Connection
11 Losing Our Religion?
12 Reinventing Religion

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