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220 × 171 mm
232 pages
100 colour illustrations
15 Jun 2020
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Mars Stephen James O’Meara

Mars is a small world with a big reputation. This mysterious planet – with volcanoes that dwarf Mount Everest, a canyon system that would stretch fully across the USA and curious landscapes that may support life – has fascinated us for centuries.

In the most up-to-date account available of the elusive ‘Red Planet’, Stephen James O’Meara follows our longstanding love affair with this bewildering world, from the musings of humanity’s first stargazers, to the imaginings of science-fiction writers and film-makers, to the latest images and discoveries from orbiting spacecraft and robotic rovers. The book also reviews plans for piloted missions to Mars, and what it will take for those missions to succeed.

‘This fascinating book on Mars is written from a unique perspective: Stephen O'Meara has been observing Mars visually through telescopes for nearly a half century, and as such he understands well the limits that visual observers of the past have had. Combined with his talent for writing scientific history for the lay person, this has resulted in a book that anybody desiring to learn about the history of the red planet, from ancient times up to our modern spacecraft era, will enjoy.’ — Daniel W. E. Green, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University

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Stephen James O’Meara is an award-winning astronomer and author of more than a dozen books, including A Dictionary of Space Exploration (2018). He is a columnist and editor for Astronomy magazine, associate editor of GeminiFocus, and asteroid 3637 is named O’Meara in his honour.

1 Communion with Mars
2 The ‘Miniature of Our Earth’
3 Romancing Mars
4 The First Emissaries to Mars
5 Lifting the Curse at Mars
6 Scouting Out Humanity’s Next Home
7 Mars: Our Home Away from Home?
8 The Lilliputian Moons of Mars
9 Observing Mars

Appendix I: Mars Oppositions, 2020–35
Appendix II: Mars Fact Sheet
Appendix III: Mars Missions

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