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216 × 138 × 25 mm
272 pages
105 illustrations, 75 in colour
15 Feb 2021

Madrid Midnight City Helen Crisp, Jules Stewart

Spain’s top city for tourism, Madrid attracts more than six million visitors a year. Helen Crisp and Jules Stewart relate the story of a city and its people through the centuries, while their carefully curated listings give a nod to well-known attractions and sights, as well as hidden gems. Spain’s art capital, with its ‘Golden Triangle’ of museums and myriad art galleries, Madrid is also a city of dazzling nightlife, with a profusion of cafés and bars. This is the story of a vibrant, energetic city, one that remains an enigma to many outsiders.

‘I realise that it is the many layers of Madrid that I encountered on that initial visit that make the city so remarkable – layers that this excellent book luxuriates in, as it plots the twists and turns of history that have shaped the city . . . a splendid guide, delivered in charming and frequently amusing prose that displays a deep affection for the city and its inhabitants.’ — La Revista, the British-Spanish Society magazine

‘For the historically and culturally curious traveller, there is no better guide to Madrid. A treasure-trove of fascinating anecdotes and details, not to be missed.’ — Jason Webster, author of Violencia: A New History of Spain

‘This is now my favourite guide book to a city I love. It is impressively knowledgeable and well-researched. A joy to read! Jules Stewart and Helen Crisp have beautifully captured the essence of the city that never sleeps.’ — Ainhoa Paredes, journalist and London correspondent for the Spanish TV channel Telecinco

‘There’s some very perceptive writing on the influence the Who had on the wider scene . . . essential reading for anyone who’s ever loved the Who, or wants an insight into the Sixties’ music scene that goes beyond greatest hits compilations and easy generalisations.’ — Louder Than War

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Helen Crisp is a writer and editor in the healthcare field. She has been exploring the hidden corners and backstreets, little-known shops, galleries and museums of Madrid for more than 25 years.

Jules Stewart is a New York-born, London-based author of many books including (with Helen Crisp) Madrid: Midnight City (Reaktion, 2021) and Gotham Rising: New York in the 1930s (2016).


1 Magerit Becomes Madrid
2 The Golden Age Of Empire And Literature
3 City Of Enlightenment
4 Bourbon Farewell And Return
5 Madrid Comes Of Age
6 City Under Siege
7 We Go Movida Along
8 Madrid Gets A Facelift

Fiestas and Processions
Café Society
Football Madness
Picture this
Look up
Man of La Mancha
Specialist Shops


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