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216 × 138 × 24 mm
304 pages
71 illustrations, 66 in colour
03 Feb 2020
Renaissance Lives

Raphael and the Antique Claudia La Malfa

The Renaissance artist Raphael is known for his extraordinary frescoes, his sublime Madonnas, devotional altarpieces, architectural designs, and his inventive prints and tapestries. It was his use of ancient Roman models – classical sculptures, reliefs and paintings – that formed his much admired classical style, and influenced the styles of many later artists.

In Raphael and the Antique Claudia La Malfa gives a full account of Raphael’s prodigious career, from central Italy when he was 17 years old, to Perugia, Siena and Florence, where he first met with Leonardo and Michelangelo, to Rome where he became one of the most feted artists of the Renaissance. This book focuses and highlights Raphael’s re-invention of classical models, his draughtsmanship and his concept of art, which he pursued and was still striving to perfect at the time of his death aged only 37, in 1520.

‘Raphael’s revolutionary kinship with the antique is unprecedented in its depth and intensity. In her well researched, clarifying work Claudia La Malfa offers a highly balanced appraisal of his thorough study of Roman monuments, as well as of his astonishing artistic intuition and experimental brilliance.’ — Salvatore Settis, chair of the Conseil Scientifique, Musée du Louvre, Paris

‘For centuries artists and the wider public viewed ancient art through the eyes of Raphael. Claudia La Malfa has provided a well-informed, accessible and original account of his engagement with that art, skilfully integrated in a wider discussion of his career and achievements.’ — Charles Hope, Emeritus Professor, The Warburg Institute

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Claudia La Malfa teaches History of Art at the Loyola University Chicago in Rome, and is Visiting Lecturer at the University of Kent. Her previous publications include Pintoricchio a Roma. La seduzione dell’antico (2009).


1 Creation
2 Imitation
3 Natural Artifice
4 Invention

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