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205 × 128 × 15 mm
144 pages
60 illustrations, 50 in colour
16 Sep 2019

Mustard A Global History Demet Güzey

Whether grainy or smooth, spicy or sweet, Dijon, American or English, mustard accompanies our food and flavours our life around the globe. It has been a source of pleasure, health and myth from ancient times to the present day, its tiny seed a symbol of faith and its pungent flavour a testimony to refined taste. In this delightful global history, Demet Güzey takes readers on a tour of the ubiquitous mustard, exploring its origins, its use in medicine and in the kitchen, its place in literature, language and religion, and its strong symbolism of sharpness, perseverance and strength. There are stories of mustard plasters used to treat melancholy, runners eating mustard to prevent cramps, and Christians spreading mustard seeds along pilgrimage trails.

Packed with entertaining mustard facts, anecdotes and images, as well as a selection of historic and modern recipes, this surprising history of one of the world’s most loved condiments will appeal to food history aficionados.

‘If you love mustard as much as I do (okay, maybe that’s not possible), then this book is a “must.” Demet Güzey has unlocked all the secrets of mustard culture and gives us a deeper appreciation of the king of condiments. This little gem is loaded with history, literature, art, and the things that make mustard more than just something we eat. That sweet honey mustard, that nose-tingling Dijon, and that earthy truffle mustard will all taste even better when you devour this excellent book.’ — Barry Levenson, Curator and Founder of the National Mustard Museum, Wisconsin, USA

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Demet Güzey is a food and wine writer, researcher and lecturer based in Verona, Italy. She is the author of Food on Foot: A History of Eating on Trails and in the Wild (2017).