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216 × 138 mm
264 pages
100 illustrations, 95 in colour
14 Oct 2019
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Mulberry Peter Coles

Since Antiquity few trees have had a greater impact on the world’s culture and economy than the mulberry. The sole food of the silkworm, the leaves of the mulberry brought prosperity not only to ancient China, but to all nations that learned the art of silk production. Mulberry bark was used to make the first paper and the succulent, blood-red fruit of the Black Mulberry has inspired poets from Ovid to Shakespeare. The medicinal properties of all parts of the tree have been known for millennia, making it a tree of choice for medieval monastery gardens, while its anti-diabetic effects are opening exciting avenues of research today.

This sumptuously illustrated book tells the remarkable story of the mulberry tree and its migrations from China and Central Asia to almost every continent of the globe. It will appeal to all who wish to know more of the rich history of this emblematic tree.

‘[Coming] from a unique and considerable amount of both primary and secondary research . . . [Mulberry] is an incredibly comprehensive monograph or study. . . This is a book which succeeds on every level, being accessible and also sophisticated.’ — Dr Stephen J. Bowe, author of 'Mulberry: The Material Culture of Mulberry Trees'

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Peter Coles is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths, University of London and is a freelance science writer, fine art photographer and translator.