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224 × 168 mm
256 pages
119 illustrations, 112 in colour
12 Mar 2018

The Modern Art Cookbook Mary Ann Caws

Food has always been a favourite subject of the world’s artists, from still-lifes by Matisse and Picasso to the works of Claes Oldenberg and Andy Warhol. But how do artists eat? The Modern Art Cookbook provides a window into how both great and lesser-known modern artists, writers and poets ate, cooked, depicted and wrote about food. A cornucopia of life in the kitchen and in the studio throughout the twentieth century and beyond, the book explores a wide-ranging panoply of artworks of food, cooking and eating from Europe and the Americas – from the early moderns through the Impressionists, Symbolists, Cubists, Futurists and Surrealists up to today’s art – as well as writing about food from contemporary novelists, writers and poets.

Beautifully illustrated and often surprising, this new paperback edition is a joyous guide to the art of food.

EXTRACT: to read and download an extract from the book please click here.

‘This book provides a rich fund of anecdotes and recipes, mined from the notebooks and journals of writers and artists who also liked to cook. Picasso’s charlotte au chocolat, Cézanne’s knockout bitter orange wine, David Hockney’s strawberry cake and Roy Lichtenstein’s grilled bass all figure here, illustrated by their own or other artists’ pictures.’ – Telegraph Magazine

‘The marriage of lookery and cookery is beguiling: the total effect is mouth-watering.’ – Alex Danchev, Times Literary Supplement

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Mary Ann Caws is Distinguished Professor of English, French and Comparative Literature, Graduate School, City University of New York. She is the author of several books for Reaktion, including Blaise Pascal: Miracles and Reason (2017), Pablo Picasso (2005) and Salvador Dalí (2008).

Introduction: Reading in the Kitchen
1 Appetizers
2 Soup
3 Eggs
4 Fish
5 Meat
6 Vegetables
7 Sides
8 Bread and Cheese
9 Fruit
10 Desserts
11 Beverages

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