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198 × 129 × 22 mm
296 pages
13 illustrations
01 Aug 2017

Living by Numbers In Defence of Quantity Steven Connor

Ideas about quantities, magnitudes and frequencies shape and give texture to almost everything we feel, say, dream and do. In Living by Numbers, now available in paperback, Steven Connor explores the many ways in which we live in, and by, a world of numbers. The book opens up for the first time the richness, variety and subtlety of how we do things with numbers and, just as importantly, how they do things with us.

Steven Connor is Grace 2 Professor of English at the University of Cambridge, and the author of many books including The Book of Skin (2003), Fly (2006), The Matter of Air: Science and the Art of the Ethereal (2010), A Philosophy of Sport (2011) and Beyond Words: Sobs, Hums, Stutters and Other Vocalizations (2014), all published by Reaktion Books.

1 Vernacular Mathematics

2 Quantality

3 Horror of Number

4 Modern Measures

5 Lots

6 Hilarious Arithmetic

7 Playing the Numbers

8 Keeping the Beat

9 The Numerate Eye

10 Enough


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