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197 × 120 × 18 mm
176 pages
70 illustrations, 51 in colour
01 Apr 2017

Honey A Global History Lucy M. Long

Honey is now thought of mostly as a sweetener, but in its long history around the world, it has been treated as a food, tonic, medicine and preservative. It was also used in religious rituals as a sacred food from the gods. And its creators – bees – are vital to the pollination of wild plants as well as many domesticated crops.

Lucy M. Long explores the fascinating history of honey, tracing its use and meanings through numerous cultures and demonstrating how this seemingly simple substance is connected to politics, religion, economics, popular culture and beliefs about the natural and supernatural world.

‘In Honey, Long, a folklorist, food studies scholar, and director of the non-profit Center for Food and Culture in Ohio, provides a detailed account of the role of honey and honeybees throughout history. She emphasizes honey in food, drink, and health, as well as its cultural role in folk traditions around the world . . . The author details the practical art of beekeeping and honey production, and the documented issues surrounding the global threat to the honeybee population . . . As is standard with Reaktion’s “Edible” series, copious illustrations and an appendix full of recipes are presented. Long also offers resources for budding apiarists, such as associations and practical beekeeping websites. Recommended.’ — Choice

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Lucy M. Long is a folklorist, food studies scholar and Director of the non-profit Center for Food and Culture in Ohio.