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198 × 120 × 20 mm
280 pages
110 illustrations, 90 in colour
01 Jun 2017

Berlin Joseph Pearson

Berlin is a party in a graveyard. It is Europe’s youth capital, and its guilty war conscience. It is a disputed construction site, built on the ruins of regimes. Today’s diversity – refugees, immigrants, arty expats, East and West – emerges from a history of violence. Berlin is as cutting-edge and contemporary as it is wary of its extreme past.

Berlin is a comprehensive short history and portrait of the German capital today. The story of Berlin’s vagaries over nine centuries – from a dry place in a bog to the control centre of modern Europe – is expertly portrayed by historian Joseph Pearson. The dynamic present is a palimpsest on this unsettling past. A long-time flâneur of Berlin’s streets, Pearson explores how the city’s history is visible today in bombsites, museums and industrial club spaces (and a lake hosting a man-nibbling monster).

In this book, we find that elements of the city that for some can be unnerving – its emptiness, its provincialism, its ramshackle industrial eclecticism, its sexual freedoms, its confrontation with a murderous past – are precisely what give the city its charge. Pearson poses provocative questions as he reveals the city’s many layers and varied neighbourhoods. He argues, ultimately, that Berlin’s centrality in European and cultural affairs is only just beginning to be felt.

‘More than in other young cities, Berlin’s history can be perplexing and rather heavy, and best understood with a knowledgeable guide to hold your hand gently. The Cityscopes Berlin guide, written by Berlin-based journalist and cultural historian Joseph Pearson, does just that . . . The flaneur Pearson leads you around all sorts of neighbourhoods, in west and east, taking in memorials, museums, monuments, theatre, tunnels, bunkers, festivals and parades-cum-demonstrations, before ending with handy listings. Illustrated with over 118 often intriguing photos, this book is a recommended companion for wandering through Berlin’s past and present.’ — Berlin In Your Pocket City Guide 2019

‘For the travelers, artists, flaneurs, coders and students fascinated by Berlin, the historian Joseph Pearson masterfully offers a close reading of the metropolis in all its brutal immediacy. Berlin is an exploration of the German capital as it should be, drawing us into the teeming, tumbling life of its streets, clubs and Kieze as well as the dark recesses of the city’s scarred history.’ — Patrick Donahue, political correspondent for Bloomberg News in Berlin

‘A comprehensive yet eminently readable even exhilarating romp through Berlin’s history, coupled with a native’s view of its colorful present. Everything you need to know about the German capital, and more.’ — Kimberly Bradley, culture journalist and correspondent for Berlin and Vienna, Monocle magazine

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Joseph Pearson is a writer and cultural historian at New York University in Berlin. He is the voice of The Needle, one of Berlin’s most popular blogs, and a contributing arts writer for Newsweek in Berlin.