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197 × 120 × 19 mm
128 pages
51 illustrations, 46 in colour
01 Sep 2015

Lamb A Global History Brian Yarvin

For as long as humans have been raising animals, they have been eating lamb. This engaging history tells the story of how we’ve raised, cooked and eaten lamb over the centuries and the place it has in a wide range of cuisines and cultures worldwide.

Starting with the earliest days of lamb and sheep farming in the ancient Middle East, Lamb traces the spread of lamb and mutton to the Babylonians, the Hebrew people during the Exodus and cooks in ancient Rome and Greece. Brian Yarvin details the earliest recorded meals involving lamb in the Zagros Mountains of Iraq and Iran, explores its role in Renaissance banquets in Italy, and follows its path to China, India and the Navajo tribe in America. Taking his story up to the present, Yarvin considers the growing locavore movement, one that has found in lamb a manageable, sustainable source of healthy – and tasty – protein.

Richly illustrated and peppered with recipes, Lamb will be the perfect accompaniment to your next grilled chop or braised shank.

‘as yet there has not appeared a specific volume on the subject quite as impressive as this . . . In six chapters, Bovey chronologically charts the trajectory of the DIY phenomenon, beginning with early ’60s originators such as The Wailers, Trashmen and Kingsmen who took their inspiration from the thrilling guitar distortions of Link Wray and Bo Diddley, through to 21st century pretenders such as The Gories, Sloths and Jackets . . . the first truly comprehensive study of the genre . . . It is a concise, passionately-written and well-researched account . . . it should have you dusting down armfuls of those old nuggets before you’ve even reached Chapter Two.’ — Shingdig! magazine

‘Yarvin explores the historical development of different lamb dishes around the world, and engages in some first-hand reportage himself. While lamb might not be as common a dish for many North Americans as some other meats, its likely to play a heightened role in the future.’ — Popmatters

‘A fine and thorough account, copious in historical detail and explanation of a movement that has survived on sheer, unquenchable fuzztone enthusiasm.’ — David Stubbs, author of Future Days and Mars by 1980

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Brian Yarvin is a food photographer and author who lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His three most recent books are A World of Noodles, The Ploughman’s Lunch and the Miser’s Feast and The Too Many Tomatoes Cookbook.


1. Basics: Sheep and Lamb

2. Lamb: A Culinary History

3. Everybody’s Eating Lamb

4. Lamb Today

5. Future Meat: The Small Farm Returns


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