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197 × 120 × 16 mm
128 pages
60 illustrations, 40 in colour
01 Apr 2015

Dumplings A Global History Barbara Gallani

From gnocchi to pierogi to wontons, the dumpling has become synonymous with comfort food around the world in quite different cultures. This book looks at the differences and similarities between the ways dumplings are prepared in a variety of cultures, whether they are stuffed or unfilled; steamed or boiled; served at an everyday meal or as a special food for festive occasions.

After looking at just what makes a dumpling a dumpling and why they are called by that name, this book explores the many ways we have come to love this simple comfort food, sometimes even offering up monuments and poetry in its honour. Including traditional recipes for readers to make at home, Barbara Gallani shows us what makes the dumpling special in so many ways. A great resource for food and history enthusiasts alike, Dumplings reveals unique insights into this widely consumed and celebrated food.

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‘Embellished with clever illustrations and a nice selection of historical and contemporary recipes . . . [an] outstanding series of food volumes.’ — Wall Street Journal

‘These are food memoirs, salacious and exotic, colorful, powdered, sweet, greasy and globe-trotting . . . sharp and speedy little reads, spotted with off-kilter illustrations 
’ — Chicago Tribune

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Barbara Gallani is Director of Food Safety and Science at the UK Food and Drink Federation. She lives in London.

1. What is a Dumpling?
2. Dumplings Around the World
3. Etymology, Historical Documents and Cookbooks
4. From Celebratory Feast to Street Food
5. Folklore, Literature and Film
6. How to Make Dumplings
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