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190 × 135 × 13 mm
192 pages
94 illustrations, 61 in colour
01 Oct 2014

Eagle Janine Rogers

A symbol of power, divinity, war, justice, cruelty – for millennia the eagle has been one of the most important symbols in the human imagination. Exploring the rich history of this bird of prey and its portrayal in art, film, literature, and poetry, Eagle explains how this emblematic creature fulfils a diversity of roles in cultures around the world.


We associate the eagle with light and learning, but we also connect it to death and corruption. Eagles adorn flags, crests and other emblems, but they have also been relentlessly persecuted as a predatory threat to livestock. Eagles have suffered from the effects of expansive human activities for many years, from habitat destruction to pesticide use and global warming. Saving eagles from destruction is critical for our ecological environments, for they control pest populations and dispose of carcasses. Saving them is also critical for our intellectual environments, as eagles are important parts of our psychological and cultural landscapes. Featuring many illustrations of eagles in the wild, in art and in popular culture, Eagle shines new light on our complex relationships with these birds, their international significance, and the dire implications of losing them to modern ecological threats.

‘I cant think of anywhere youd get a better, more concentrated shot of eagleness in one dose . . . You can read it in an afternoon or dip in here and there either way you'll glean something memorable from every page . . . Eagle is a fascinating and accessible read, though be warned, some of the mythology is grisly.’ — Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

‘Eagle is a wonderful addition to the Reaktion animal book series . . . Ive had the opportunity to review other books in the series and find Eagle to be one of the best. The author, Janine Rogers, is well versed in her topic . . . you can start almost anywhere in the book and find some fascinating fact about these powerful fliers who soar with the human imagination.’ — Anthrozoös

‘This book includes beautiful pictures through history and gives a very comprehensive look at the diversity of roles Eagles have in cultures around the world.’ — BTO News

‘The book, with its many fine photographs, makes interesting and pleasant reading.’ — Choice

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Janine Rogers is Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada.


1. Eagles Themselves: Biology and Ecology

2. Sacred Eagle: Mythology, Religion and Folklore

3. Patriotic Eagle: Flags, Heraldry and Emblems

4. Aesthetic Eagle: Art, Literature and Popular Culture

5. Eagles in our World



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