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190 × 134 × 15 mm
216 pages
101 illustrations, 77 in colour
01 Apr 2014
  • £14.95

Hedgehog Hugh Warwick

The hedgehog has had a close connection with people since the dawn of civilization, and has been an animal of fascination, endearment and cultural significance since the ancient Egyptians. The Romans regarded it as a weather prophet, and modern gardeners depend on the creature to keep their gardens free of pests.

Hedgehog explores how this and other characteristics of the small creature have propelled it to the top of a number of polls of people’s favourite animals. It remains one of the few creatures that people can get close to without the fear of an attack, or it running away at the slightest movement. Hedgehog demonstrates that there is much to admire about this beautiful, and now threatened, icon of wildlife.

‘With hedgehogs on the decline this is a wonderful insight into the world of one of our favourite creatures . . . Whatever you want to know, Hugh Warwick cover it in this comprehensive collection of all things hedgehog.’ — Smallholder Magazine

‘Oxford ecologist Hugh Warwicks book Hedgehog is a delight for anyone of any age who admires the hedgehog . . . It explores how this charming little creature has propelled itself into our hearts, not just because of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, Sonic the hedgehog or the fact it keeps our gardens free of slugs, but because its a wild animal we can connect with.’ — Oxford Times

‘It is one of the things that I have always loved about the hedgehog, that there is so much more to it than just the animal itself. They have been a part of human culture since the dawn of civilisation the very earliest, Mesopotamia and Babylonian, have left hedgehog artefacts. The Ancient Egyptians in particular seem to have been very fond of the animal. These things I knew. But the way the hedgehog has appeared more recently is quite astounding and Hugh Warwick has a field day with everything from philosophy to poetry, via some rather more adult themes and over a hundred pictures . . . I would really recommend this unique book to anyone with an interest in hedgehogs. Despite taking a serious look at some of the big issues, Hugh Warwick manages to sprinkle his trademark wit and charm throughout.’ — Fay Vass, Chief Executive, British Hedgehog Preservation Society

‘there is much in Hedgehog to fascinate and entertain the reader, and anything that Oxford-based ecologist and author Hugh Warwick doesnt tell us about hedgehogs probably isnt worth knowing. The book is liberally and attractively illustrated, and makes satisfying, undemanding reading. Sadly, it might also prove to be the closest that many readers will get to these endearing but increasingly rare mammals.’ — Outrage Magazine

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Hugh Warwick is an ecologist and author, and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4 and Radio Scotland. He lives in Oxford.

1. What is a Hedgehog?
2. Hedgehog Names and Folklore
3. Historical Hedgehogs
4. Literary Hedgehogs
5. Philosophical Hedgehogs
6. Artistic Hedgehogs
7. Commercial Hedgehogs
8. Domesticated Hedgehogs
9. Helping Hedgehogs

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