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197 × 120 × 15 mm
128 pages
49 illustrations, 30 in colour
01 Sep 2013
  • £11.99

Salmon A Global History Nicolaas Mink

The story of salmon takes readers on a culinary journey from the coast of Alaska to the rivers of Scotland. Salmon: A Global History traces salmon’s history from the earliest known records to the present, telling the story of how the salmon was transformed from an abundant fish found seasonally along coastal regions to a mass-produced canned food and a highly prized culinary delight.

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, cheap and widely available, salmon is often listed as an essential part of any diet. A delicious and versatile fish, it can be eaten raw in sashimi, cooked in various ways or cured by smoking, salting or burial. But while salmon is enjoyed all over the globe, it also swims at the centre of controversy, with climate change and loss of freshwater habitats threatening wild salmon populations, and the ecological and health impacts of intense salmon farming under fire.

‘In his entertaining history of this fish as food, Nicolaas Mink reminds us that our love affair with eating salmon is but the latest chapter in a story that long predates recorded history . . . a worthy addition to Reaktion Books Edible Series. Be sure to try the recipes at the end.’ — Times Literary Supplement

‘Part of the admirable 'Edible' series, this is more a celebration of the King of Fish than an angling book a sparkling essay on the methods of culture and capture, plus the comestible qualities of Pacific and Atlantic salmon, from the mighty King to the humble Humpie. Eclectically illustrated, it includes a (literally) potted history of fish canning, some good anecdotes and several unusual recipes.’ — Country Life

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Nicolaas Mink is Urban Sustainable Foods Fellow at Butler University, Indianapolis.

Prologue: Looking Back from Sitka, Alaska
1              A Natural History of Salmon Eating
2              Cured
3              Canned
4              Fresh
Epilogue: The Future of Edible Salmon
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