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190 × 135 × 15 mm
216 pages
97 illustrations, 59 in colour
01 Oct 2013

Rabbit Victoria Dickenson

In this richly illustrated book, Victoria Dickenson explores the natural and cultural history of this most familiar creature, from the giant extinct rabbits of Minorca to the tiny endangered Volcano rabbits of Mexico.

The rabbit is prey, chased by enemies from eagles to foxes to domestic cats. But it is also trickster, who outwits all rivals and escapes every trap. The rabbit is lucky, and its foot will charm away evil. It is suitable as a cuddly companion for children but also as a symbol of unbridled animal passion. From Peter Rabbit to B’rer Rabbit to Watership Down and the Energizer Bunny, rabbits inhabit our imaginations.

‘A fascinating exploration of the natural and cultural history of this most familiar creature, from the folklore of the lucky rabbits foot and the traditions of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, through to its appearance in popular culture in such diverse guises as Brer Rabbit and Bugs Bunny.’ — The Countryman

‘Dickensons writing is accessible and involving, full of snippets that grasp the readers attention . . . the book is a clear, concise, fascinating read. It is well edited, indexed, and referenced, with an additional selected bibliography and links to relevant associations and websites. It is one of the excellent Animal series from this publisher that provide a helpful and novel introduction to anthrozoology by focusing on how specific species/groups sit in the human individual and collective mind . . . I would recommend this book to anyone interested in humananimal interactions, including biologists and conservationists.’ — Anthrozöos

‘Richly illustrated, elegant and concise, Rabbit is a book that everyone, not justbunny-huggers, can readily embrace.’ — IVU News Online

‘The book on the rabbit is one of the most fascinating I have read. This is partly because of the infectious enthusiasm the author brings to every page and party the subjects she covers. The rabbit is the mammal of folklore, myths and legends and these, set against the background of its natural history is an intriguing combination.’ — North Star

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Victoria Dickenson is a historian and curator based in Montreal, Canada. She is the author of Drawn from Life: Science and Art in the Portrayal of the New World (1998), Rabbit (Reaktion Books, 2013) and Seal (Reaktion Books, 2015).

1              A Natural History
2              The Natural and Unnatural History of the European Rabbit
3              The ‘Useful’ Rabbit
4              Rabbit in Mind
5              Rabbits and Us
6              The Twenty-first-century Rabbit Paradox
                A Few Rabbit Poems
                Select Bibliography
                Associations and Websites
                Photo Acknowledgements