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197 × 120 × 15 mm
152 pages
50 illustrations, 29 in colour
01 Sep 2013
  • £11.99

Game A Global History Paula Young Lee

Antelope and porcupines in Africa, feral cats and wild goats in Australia and deer, pheasants and rabbits in the USA and Europe are just a few of the world’s game animals, or creatures hunted for food. Game has been central to the development of humanity and forms a core part of cultures – and meat industries – from the Amazon to the Arctic. In Game, the first culinary overview of the subject, Paula Young Lee describes the fascinating history of a food so diverse it ranges from luxury good to staple of the poor.

The animals we hunt as game have varied over history – quail and dormice were once so avidly pursued that they became semi-domesticated, and dishes like bear paws, reindeer pâté and lark pie have seen their popularity come and go. The politics of hunting have also come into play, from the earliest hunting laws to today’s quotas and efforts at sustainability, and made certain game more desirable: cookbooks once instructed readers how to disguise beef as the more elegant and coveted venison.

Featuring unusual recipes for many little-eaten animals and cuts of meat, Game will be gobbled up by readers.

‘As the latest in the elegantly produced Edible Series, Game is intellectually stimulating, necessarily concise, gorgeously illustrated (Cranach the Elders glorious Stag Hunt exquisite Japanese prints lustful Cruikshank cartoons), and of just the right size to stuff in a stocking.’ — TLS

‘Game is a slim but fascinating volume. Young Lee provides a diverting synopsis on the history, eating, catching and cultural significance of game. The book is brimming with facts, figures and anecdotes, but without compromising the narrative of the tex . . . This book will help it readers to understand why some meat is game, not all game is meat and why it deserves our respect.’ — The Field

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Paula Young Lee is a Faculty Fellow at Tufts University and has published widely on food and animal history, including Meat, Modernity, and the Rise of the Slaughterhouse (editor, 2008). She lives in Maine and Massachusetts.

1.            The Hunting of the Snark: A Brief Overview of Game
2.            The Culinary Crucible:  Of Law and Lusciousness
3.            It Tastes Like Chicken: Falconry, Trapping and Subsistence Hunting
4.            The Raw and the Cooked: Making Your Own Meat
5.            The Forlorn Table

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