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197 × 120 × 17 mm
176 pages
51 illustrations, 44 in colour
01 Apr 2013

Wine A Global History Marc Millon

Look. Swirl. Sniff. Taste. Savour. Whether you’re tasting a refreshing white or an aromatic red, these well-known steps are the only proper way to take the first sip of wine.

How did wine surpass all other beverages to achieve global domination? In Wine, Marc Millon travels back to the origins of modern man to find the answer, discovering that this heady drink is intertwined with the roots of civilization itself. Wine traces the long history of the most complex, mysterious and magical of the world’s beverages. It takes us from the Transcaucasus some 8,000 years ago across the Mediterranean Sea and throughout Europe with classical civilization, to the New World with the conquistadors, on to the distant lands of Australia and New Zealand and now to the burgeoning economies of India and China, where wine culture has exploded in the past decade.

Wine explains winemaking techniques past and present, looking at every part of the process from vine-growing to bottling and marketing, as well as exploring the culture – and character – of wines around the world. Crisp and concise, it is the perfect introduction for novices while offering an engaging chronicle for experts.

‘For someone looking for a boozy stocking-filler, Marc Millions Wine: A Global History fits like a glove. It is a quick gallop through wine with a few quick halts to slake your thirst in familiar watering holes 
’ — Decanter magazine

‘Reading this beautifully illustrated hardback volume part of the Edible series published by Reaktion Books it is easy to feel a connection between the ancient Greeks with their cult of Dionysus and anyone quaffing a glass of shiraz after a hard days work today . . . The book is packed with fascinating facts, from the role played by the Romans and the Church in propagating winemaking to the aphid plague which meant nearly all of Europes vineyards had to be replanted in the early 20th century . . . Wine: A Global History is bound to nurture a thirst for knowledge in anyone remotely curious about whats in their glass. 
’ — Exeter Express and Echo

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Marc Millon is a food, wine and travel writer. His previous books include The Wine and Food of Europe (1982), Wine Roads of France (1989), Wine Roads of Italy (1991) and Wine Roads of Spain (1993). He lives in Devon.


1. The Wine Grape
2. Across Wine-dark Seas: A Brief Overview of the Spread of Viticulture
3. The Great Vineyards of Europe
4. A World of Wine
5. From Grape to Glass
6. Final Thoughts

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