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197 × 120 × 16 mm
152 pages
56 illustrations, 36 in colour
01 Apr 2013

Oranges A Global History Clarissa Hyman

The tangy, juicy sweetness of oranges has made them a popular feature on our breakfast tables in the form of fresh fruit, juice and marmalade. Indeed, oranges and orange juices are so ubiquitous nowadays that we take them for granted – but their journey to our supermarket shelves is a long and tantalizing story. This book follows the orange from its origins in China to the Arab world, the Mediterranean and around the globe, illuminating the wide-ranging cultural resonance and culinary presence of the well-known fruit.

After bitter and sweet oranges arrived in the Mediterranean, where they were seen as a gift from the gods, they made their voyage to the Americas. The fruit has had a large impact on agriculture, garden design and architecture around the world. They have acted as symbols of great wealth in art, an inspiration for poets and painters, and a source of natural health. Oranges surveys the many varieties of oranges that now exist, explaining the practical complexities of orange cultivation and the challenges facing modern producers and consumers across the globe.

Packed with delicious recipes and luscious photos, Oranges is a refreshing look at the king of citrus.

‘For someone who cannot begin a day without eating a quartered orange, surely the most versatile and varied fruit in the world, Clarissa Hymans delightful book is a perfect read. 
’ — RT Hon Dr Denis MacShane, Tribune

‘Embellished with clever illustrations and a nice selection of historical and contemporary recipes . . . [an] outstanding series of food volumes.’ — Wall Street Journal

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Clarissa Hyman is a food and travel writer who contributes to a wide range of publications. Her previous books include The Jewish Kitchen (2003), Cucina Siciliana (2004) and Oranges: A Global History (Reaktion, 2013). Based in Manchester, she has twice won the Glenfiddich Food Writer of the Year Award.

1. The History of Oranges
2. Cultivation
3. Classification
4. Business and Trade
5. Orange Juice
6. Blossom, Zest and Peel
7. The Poetry of Oranges
8. Art, Design and Culture
9. Health and Cookery
10. Marmalade

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