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197 × 120 × 15 mm
152 pages
52 illustrations, 40 in colour
01 Sep 2012

Pudding A Global History Jeri Quinzio

Like a rich plum pudding, Pudding: A Global History is bursting with choice morsels. From cookbooks and family recipes to novels, poems, songs and cartoons, it tells the story of puddings and how they developed from early savoury, sausage-like mixtures to today’s sweet and sticky confections. Tracing the development of a range of puddings and explaining how advances in kitchen equipment have changed them over time, award-winning author Jeri Quinzio describes the many ways cooks from around the world have made them, from black pudding to the festive Christmas pudding.

Whether you make them or just indulge in them; whether your interest is history, culture or cooking; whether your favourite is Yorkshire pudding or rice pudding: if you love a good story and a good pudding, this book is for you.

‘an excellent, small and smartly illustrated tome’ — The Field Magazine

‘The author has filled her slim volume with entertaining food facts, memoirs and clever illustrations, as well as historical and contemporary recipes.’ — Toronto Star

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Jeri Quinzio is the author of Pudding (Reaktion, 2012) and Of Sugar and Snow: A History of Ice Cream Making (2009), which won the 2010 ICAP Culinary History award. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


1. A Pudding Chronology
2. Puddings in Black and White
3. Meat Pudding
4. Suet Pudding
5. Christmas Pudding
6. Hasty Pudding
7. Bread Pudding
8. Rice Pudding
9. Batter Pudding
10. Vegetable Pudding
11. The Once and Future Pudding

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