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01 Sep 2012
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Cocktails A Global History Joseph M. Carlin

Cocktails are the most American of alcoholic beverages, and at the same time the most international of drinks. Created in the United States around 1806, they quickly spilled over into all corners of the globe. The cocktail’s ancestor, punch, arrived from the British colonies and became a mainstay of taverns and entertaining at home in the eighteenth century. After ice began to be mechanically harvested and sold, and mixers such as soda water invented, the modern cocktail was born; and with it cocktail parties, cocktail dresses, cocktail hors d’oeuvres, cocktail napkins and the Molotov cocktail. From Singapore to New York, Rio to Bangkok, Joseph M. Carlin describes how cocktails have influenced society around the world, and explores the new breed of cocktails currently being fashioned by artisanal mixologists.

Featuring many tempting recipes, Cocktails: A Global History will appeal to anyone who enjoys a cocktail or is interested in how some of our most popular drinks were invented and travelled around the globe.

‘Even if youve never had the urge to slurp a double daiquiri, a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, or a Bloody Mary, the preferred tipple of John Jacob Astor, which he unsuccessfully tried to rename the Red Snapper, Cocktails is a fun, fascinating read that goes down easy.’ — Village Voice

‘in keeping with the series, Cocktails is an easily readable history on a singular subject. In this case it tracks the story of the cocktail, mixed drinks, and the men and women behind them throughout the years. This entire series is fun and a fast way to catch up on your bar trivia.’ — about.com

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Joseph M. Carlin writes for Nutrition Today and teaches food history at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.


1. The Mysterious Birth of the Cocktail
2. Punch, the Cocktail's Original Ancestor
3. American Taverns, the Cocktail's Nursery
4. The Globalization of the Cocktail
5. The Social Side of the Cocktail

Cocktails around the Globe
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