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280 × 210 mm
328 pages
468 illustrations
01 Feb 1994
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Ian Hamilton Finlay A Visual Primer Yves Abrioux

Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925 - 2006) was a poet, gardener and moralist. He was also recognised as an artist of international stature whose works are in important collections in Britain, Europe and America. His approach, which bypassed the traditional genre distinctions between painting, sculpture and architecture, was remarkably original, and he was known as the developer of one of Britain’s most celebrated modern gardens. Extensively illustrated, this revised and expanded edition, now available in paperback, includes a generous selection from Finlay’s published and environmental work and a biographical sketch of the artist.

‘This well-selected and finely printed presentation – much of it in colour – of poems, short stories, and photographs of non-printed materials is by far the fullest, most attractive and most persuasive account given to date of Finlay's many-faceted achievement.’ – Times Literary Supplement

‘It is good to see as intelligent a book as this being combined with a format which does its subject the honour due to him, but above all, this is a book which sets out to help the reader to understand an artist who requires thoughtful, unbiased contemplation.’ – Books in Scotland

‘Ian Hamilton Finlay is one of the most diversely and richly talented visual artists living today . . . This handsomely produced book describes and illustrates [his] whole artistic career, of which his remarkable garden must be seen as the finest flower.’ – The World of Interiors

‘Yvres Abrioux’s analysis of a whole range of issues raised by Finlay’s work is clear and penetrating.’ – Artforum

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The French critic Yves Abrioux has written extensively on Finlay's work in articles and exhibition catalogues.