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280 × 210 × 23 mm
232 pages
110 illustrations, 55 in colour
01 Apr 1993
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Piero Di Cosimo Fiction, Invention and fantasia Sharon Fermor

This is the first book on Piero di Cosimo (1461-1521) widely considered one of the most intriguing figures of the Florentine Renaissance - to be written in English for over fifty years. Sharon Fermor presents new solutions to questions the function and iconography that have puzzled commentators hitherto, and examines Piero’s approach to pictorial composition and to gesture that contribute to the distinctiveness of his oeuvre.

Of crucial importance in this fresh evaluation of Piero's career is the author’s explanation of the strategies employed by Vasari for his Life of Piero, written in the mid sixteenth-century. By exposing the misconceptions - many still influential today - that resulted from Vasari’s account, she reveals that even Piero’s most unusual paintings on mythological themes are in fact coherent and meaningful compositions, and not the product of an isolated eccentric at odds with the artistic community of his time.

‘Exquisite plates of monsters, mythological scenes and religious iconography . . . Fermor exposes the myths surrounding a Renaissance eccentric.’ — Harpers and Queen

‘A new and persuasive interpretation.’ — Art History

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Sharon Fermor is Lecturer in the History of Art at the University of Sussex.

1. Vasari's Life of Piero di Cosimo
2. Secular Paintings
3. Religious Works
4. Piero and the Depiction of Landscape
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