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    Animal is a pioneering series from Reaktion Books. The first of its kind to explore the historical significance and impact on humans of a wide range of animals, each book in the series takes a different animal and examines its role in history around the world. The importance of mythology, religion and science are described as is the history of food, the trade in animals and their products, pets, exhibition, film and photography, and their roles in the artistic and literary imagination.


    ‘Reaktion’s wonderfully idiosyncratic Animal series’
    The New York Times

    ‘The series . . . calls itself “a new kind of animal history”. It is, splendidly, even brilliantly, so. I have nothing but praise for it’ – The Spectator

    ‘The Reaktion Animal series, now covering everything from albatrosses to zebras, explores the biological and cultural life of different species.’
    Times Higher Education

  • Botanical

    Reaktion’s Botanical series is the first of its kind, integrating horticultural and botanical writing with a broader account of the cultural and social impact of trees, plants and flowers. Accessibly written yet encompassing the latest scholarship, each title features around 100 fine images, including c. 50 in colour.

    ‘An attractive, lavishly illustrated new series, perfect for house gifts if you’re visiting someone who’ll welcome you with clean towels and a trowel.’
    – The New York Times

    ‘The new Botanical series by Reaktion handsome small hardbacks printed on fat glossy paper, generously illustrated, clearly intended to be a pleasure to collect.’ – Gardens Illustrated

    ‘In the right hands book series can be very satisfying. Reaktion Books has developed several over recent years. One of these is the delightful series called Botanical.’ – New Scientist
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    Cityscopes are concise, illustrated guides that provide an overview of a city’s past as well as a focused eye on its present. Written by authors with unique and intimate knowledge of the cities, each book features a chronological history to the present day.

    Also including a section of essays on key places or aspects of the city today – from museums to music, public transport to parks, food to fashion – the books offer fascinating vignettes on the quintessential and the quirky, as well as listings of key sites and venues with the authors’ own commentaries. Illustrated throughout with contemporary photos and compelling historical images, Cityscopes are essential companions to cities worldwide.

  • Critical Lives

    Critical Lives is a major series of short critical biographies that present the work of important cultural figures in the context of their lives. Each book relates and brings alive the life of the artist, writer, philosopher or architect in question and assesses their major works at the same time. The books in the series are accompanied by c. 20–40 illustrations.

    ‘Beautifully produced – very short critical biographies whose main target audience is likely to be undergraduates, but that will also do nicely for a general audience.’Times Literary Supplement

  • Earth

    The Earth series is the first of its kind to trace the historical significance and cultural history of natural phenomena and resources. Written by experts who are passionate about their subject, books in the series bring together representations from mythology, religion, art, literature, science, popular culture, cinema and television, exploring and explaining the world around us in an exciting new way.


    To learn more about the Earth series click here.

    ‘What a fantastic idea, science and culture brought down to earth. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.’David Bellamy

  • Edible

    Edible is a revolutionary new series of books on food and drink which explores the rich history of man’s consumption. Each book provides an outline for one type of food or drink, revealing its history and culture on a global scale. 50 striking illustrations, with approximately 25 in colour, accompany these engaging and accessible texts, and offer intriguing new insights into their subject. Key recipes as well as reference material accompany each title.


    To learn more about the Edible series of books, and the authors behind them, please visit here or follow us on Twitter theedibleseries.

    ‘Embellished with clever illustrations and a nice selection of historical and contemporary recipes . . . [an] outstanding series of food volumes.’
    Wall Street Journal

  • Hinterland

    Field Notes

    A series of books providing in-depth analyses of today’s global turmoil as it unfolds. Each book focuses on an important feature of our present-day economic, political and cultural condition, addressing local and international issues. Field Notes examines the many dimensions of today’s social predicament and provides a radical, politically and critically engaged voice to global debates.

    Published in association with the Brooklyn Rail


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    Foods and Nations

    Foods and Nations explores the history – and geography – of food. Books in the series reveal the hidden history behind the food eaten today in different countries and regions of the world, telling the story of how food production and consumption developed, and how they were influenced by the culinary practices of other places and peoples. Each book in the Foods and Nations series offers fascinating insights into the distinct flavours of a country and its culture.

  • Kosmos

    A superb series exploring our expanding knowledge of the cosmos, investigating historical, contemporary and future developments. Illustrated with a wide variety of beautiful images, these informative books appeal to both scientists and a more general readership interested in observing and understanding outer space.


    ‘Beautifully illustrated, history-rich and bang up to date.’Nature

  • Lost Civilizations

    The books in the Lost Civilizations series explore the rise and fall of the great civilizations and peoples of the ancient world. Each book considers not only the history but the art, culture and lasting legacy and examines why they remain important and relevant in our world today.

  • Renaissance Lives

    Books in the Renaissance Lives series explore and illustrate the life histories and achievements of significant artists, intellectuals and scientists in the Early Modern world. They delve into literature, philosophy, the history of art, science and natural history and cover narratives of exploration, statecraft and technology.


  • Reverb

    The Reverb series offers a new perspective on the significance of music through a wider cultural and historical understanding of particular times and places. By focusing on the relationship between artists, performers, music and place – rather than strictly biographical or chronological histories – the series allows writers with backgrounds in music writing, social and cultural history, ethnomusicology, literary studies, philosophy and geography to write books that reveal the ways in which music has, in a variety of genres and traditions, expressed a strong sense of place.


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