Sarah Chaney on Woman's Hour

Sarah Chaney discussed her important new book, Psyche on the Skin: A History of Self-harm, on Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4 on Monday 6 February 2017.

She talks about the misconceptions surrounding self-harm, some of its many forms, and her own experiences of this act. You can listen again via the Woman's Hour Podcast.

About the book
Psyche on the Skin charts the secret history of self-harm. The book describes its many forms, from sexual self-mutilation and hysterical malingering in the late Victorian period, to self-castrating religious sects, self-mutilation and self-destruction in art, music and popular culture.

Drawing on her personal experiences, written in an engaging style and containing many powerful images, Sarah Chaney challenges the misconceptions and controversies surrounding self-harm. It is crucial reading for professionals in the field as well as all those affected by this act.

About the author
Sarah Chaney is a Research Associate at UCL Health Humanities Centre, and Research Project Manager at Queen Mary Centre for the History of Emotions, University of London.

About Woman's Hour
First broadcast in 1946, Woman's Hour is a BBC Radio 4 magazine programme which offers a female perspective on the world.