New books catalogue out now

Our latest books catalogue featuring all our new titles for spring and summer 2017 is available now.

You can view and download a PDF version of the catalogue here, or email us at to receive a printed copy.

Our exciting new programme covers a diverse array of subjects, from art, history and philosophy to music, nature and popular science.

It also includes new additions to our popular series of books, including Lost Civilizations, Critical Lives, Animal and Edible.

Here's a quick guide to some of the highlights.

Communist Posters explores the role and impact of revolutionary poster designs across the ‘red’ world, including Russia, China, Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba.

In her important new book, Psyche on the Skin, Sarah Chaney charts the history of self-harm, from ‘hysterical malingering’ in the Victorian era to today’s ‘delicate self-cutting’, and challenges contemporary views.

Exist Otherwise is the first major survey in English of the life and work of Claude Cahun. Jennifer L. Shaw shows how Cahun challenged gender stereotypes through her powerful photographs, photomontages and writings, and tells the story of her role in the resistance against the Nazis in Jersey.

In their superb new book The Sun, Leon Golub and Jay M. Pasachoff tell us everything we need to know about the science and study of our brilliant neighbour.

In Hayek vs Keynes, Thomas Hoerber gives an in-depth and approachable re-evaluation of the work and legacy of the twentieth century’s two most influential economic thinkers.

We hope you enjoy these highlights and the many other fine books we are publishing in 2017.