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  • Jimi Hendrix Soundscapes
    Marie-Paule Macdonald
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame describes Jimi Hendrix as ‘arguably the greatest...
  • Adam Smith
    Jonathan Conlin
    Universally acknowledged as the father of capitalism, the eighteenth-century Scottish...
  • Fast Food The Good, the Bad and the Hungry
    Andrew F. Smith
    Fast food is the most influential culinary movement of our time. It has spawned...
  • The Goddess Myths of the Great Mother
    Christopher Fee
    For as long as humans have sought god, we have found the goddess. Ruling over the...
  • Keepers of the Golden Shore A History of the United Arab Emirates
    Michael Quentin Morton
    For those who visit the UAE today, staying in air-conditioned hotels and shopping in...
  • Philosophers At Table On Food and Being Human
    Raymond D. Boisvert
    One of the most important things we do every day is eat. The question of eating...