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  • An Eye for an Eye A Global History of Crime and Punishment
    Mitchel P. Roth
    Since the dawn of mankind, humans have demonstrated a remarkable capacity for...
  • Wood, Whiskey and Wine A History of Barrels
    Henry H. Work
    For over 2,000 years barrels have been used to store and transport a diverse array of...
  • Fish and Chips A History
    Panikos Panayi
    Along with London buses, bowler hats and cricket, few things are considered more...
  • A Philosophy of Freedom
    Lars Svendsen
    What is human freedom, and what are its main threats today? These questions and more...
  • James Watt Making the World Anew
    Ben Russell
    Among the many treasures in the collections of the Science Museum in London is the...
  • Air Nature and Culture
    Peter Adey
    Air has always been essential to life, from the atmospheric composition that gave...