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  • Humphry Repton Landscape Design in an Age of Revolution
    Tom Williamson
    Humphry Repton is one of England’s most interesting and prolific garden and...
  • Vanilla A Global History
    Rosa Abreu-Runkel

    Intoxicating and evocative, vanilla is so much more than a spice rack staple. It is a...

  • Berries
    Victoria Dickenson

    What is it about the small fruits of field and wood that encourages rapture? These...

  • Chrysanthemum
    Twigs Way

    Drawing its allure from the gold of the sun and the rule of emperors, the...

  • Mars
    Stephen James O’Meara

    Mars is a small world with a big reputation. This mysterious planet – with...

  • The People’s Porn A History of Handmade Pornography in America
    Lisa Z. Sigel
    The People’s Porn is the first history of American handmade and homemade...