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  • The Work of Art Plein Air Painting and Artistic Identity in Nineteenth-century France
    Anthea Callen
    In The Work of Art, Anthea Callen explores the paintings, self-portraits, portraits...
  • Food in Art From Prehistory to the Renaissance
    Gillian Riley
    From ancient Rome to early modern Europe, the relationship between humans and food...
  • Eagle
    Janine Rogers
    Truly one of the most symbolic birds in the human imagination, eagles have been used...
  • Trees, Woods and Forests A Social and Cultural History
    Charles Watkins
    Throughout human history our relationship with trees, woods and forests has remained...
  • France Modern Architectures in History
    Jean-Louis Cohen
    France, arguably more than any other Western nation, played a central role in the...
  • Staging the Archive Art and Photography in the Age of New Media
    Ernst Van Alphen
    Dedicated to art practices that mobilize the model of the archive, this book...