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  • Earthly Immortalities How the Dead Live On in the Lives of Others
    Peter Moore

    In this thought-provoking and book, Peter Moore examines the often overlooked issues...

  • Five Years Ahead of My Time Garage Rock from the 1950s to the Present
    Seth Bovey

    Five Years Ahead of My Time: Garage Rock from the 1950s to the Present tells of an...

  • Shapeshifters A History
    John B. Kachuba

    There is something about a shapeshifter – a person who can transform into an...

  • Fat A Cultural History of the Stuff of Life
    Christopher E. Forth
    Fat: such a little word evokes big responses. While ‘fat’ describes the...
  • A History of Reading
    Steven Roger Fischer

    Steven Roger Fischer’s fascinating book, now available in an updated B-format...

  • The Madness of Knowledge On Wisdom, Ignorance and Fantasies of Knowing
    Steven Connor

    Many human beings have considered the powers and the limits of human knowledge, but...