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  • Snowdrop
    Gail Harland
    Quietly elegant flowers dressed in simple white and green, snowdrops look too...
  • Everyday Life How the Ordinary Became Extraordinary
    Joseph A. Amato
    In Everyday Life Joseph A. Amato offers a panoramic account of the evolution of our...
  • Orwell's Nose A Pathological Biography
    John Sutherland
    In 2012 John Sutherland permanently lost his sense of smell. At about the same time...
  • The Death and Resurrection of Elvis Presley
    Ted Harrison
    Elvis Aaron Presley is more popular today than ever, yet he died nearly forty years...
  • Tennessee Williams
    Paul Ibell
    During his long career Thomas Lanier ‘Tennessee’ Williams iii (26 March...
  • Václav Havel
    Kieran Williams
    Václav Havel claimed to want a quiet life dedicated to writing, but he lived...