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  • A History of Feelings
    Rob Boddice
    What does it mean to feel something? What stimulates our desires, aspirations and...
  • A Short History of the Shadow
    Victor I. Stoichita
    In this investigative tour de force, now available in a new format edition, Victor I....
  • Food on the Move Dining on the Legendary Railway Journeys of the World
    Sharon Hudgins
    All aboard for a delicious ride on nine legendary railway journeys! Meals associated...
  • Prague Crossroads of Europe
    Derek Sayer
    Thirty years ago Prague was a closed book to most Westerners. Today it is...
  • North Pole Nature and Culture
    Michael Bravo
    In North Pole, Michael Bravo explains how visions of the North Pole have been...
  • Birch
    Anna Lewington
    Elegant and beautiful, rich in history and supremely useful, birches have played an...