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  • Fragonard Painting Out of Time
    Satish Padiyar
    At the time of his death in 1806, the Rococo artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard had...
  • The Figure of Christ in Contemporary Photography
    Nathalie Dietschy

    In the first book devoted to representations of Jesus Christ in contemporary...

  • Hans Holbein The Artist in a Changing World
    Jeanne Nuechterlein

    Immensely skillful and inventive, Hans Holbein moulded his approach to art-making...

  • Scenes and Traces of the English Civil War
    Stephen Bann

    The English Civil War has become a frequent point of reference in contemporary...

  • All the Tiny Moments Blazing A Literary Guide to Suburban London
    Ged Pope
    The London suburbs have, for more than 250 years, fired the creative literary...
  • Wanderers A History of Women Walking
    Kerri Andrews

    This is a book about ten women over the past three hundred years who have found...