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  • Sheep
    Philip Armstrong
    The Egyptians worshipped them, the Romans dressed them in fitted coats, early...
  • Fats A Global History
    Michelle Phillipov
    No other food is as nutritionally crucial, symbolically important or controversial as...
  • Onions and Garlic A Global History
    Martha Jay
    Do you know your onions? From large, sweet onions to shallots, garlic, chives and...
  • Gold Nature and Culture
    Rebecca Zorach
    Gleaming and perfect, gold has beguiled humankind for many millennia, attracting...
  • Banana A Global History
    Lorna Piatti Farnell
    For over a century, the banana has been the world’s favourite fruit. Quick and...
  • Melon A Global History
    Sylvia Lovegren
    Perfumed, sweet, succulent, cooling, a ripe melon can be one of the most delicious of...