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  • John Evelyn A Life of Domesticity
    John Dixon Hunt
    The work of English writer, gardener and diarist John Evelyn is of great historical...
  • Mind Your Consciousness is What and Where?
    Ted Honderich
    What does it mean for something or someone to be conscious? What is mind? Eminent...
  • Live Wires A History of Electronic Music
    Daniel Warner
    We live in an electronic world. Electronic sounds and electronic music have long...
  • Gypsy Music The Balkans and Beyond
    Alan Ashton-Smith
    The figure of the gypsy is simultaneously vilified and romanticized. Gypsies have for...
  • Cats in Art
    Desmond Morris
    The cat has been a favourite subject of artists across cultures from prehistory until...
  • Herring A Global History
    Kathy Hunt
    For such a small fish, the herring has played an enormous role in history. Since the...