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  • Australia Modern Architectures in History
    Harry Margalit
    This book tells the story of the architects and buildings that have defined...
  • Afterimages On Cinema, Women and Changing Times
    Laura Mulvey

    Marking a return for Laura Mulvey to questions of film theory and feminism, as well...

  • The Braganzas The Rise and Fall of the Ruling Dynasties of Portugal and Brazil, 1640–1910
    Malyn Newitt

    For 270 years, the House of Braganza provided the kings and queens of Portugal....

  • Dogs in Art
    Susie Green

    From the Zoroastrian sculpture of a 100kg mastiff to the portrait of a coiffured...

  • The End Artists’ Late and Last Works
    Carel Blotkamp

    When is a work of art finished? Can it be complete in a mental sense? And who...

  • Delicioso A History of Food in Spain
    María José Sevilla

    Spanish cuisine is a melting-pot of cultures, flavours and ingredients: Greek and...