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  • Christmas The Sacred to Santa
    Tara Moore
    Christmas falls on 25 December with faithful inevitability. Indeed, our entire...
  • Performance Projections Film and the Body in Action
    Stephen Barber
    Performance Projections explores the dynamic relationship between film and...
  • Yves Klein
    Nuit Banai
    Among his many captivating exploits, the French artist Yves Klein (1928–1962)...
  • Henry Miller
    David Stephen Calonne
    This new critical biography takes an innovative look at the life and work of the...
  • Galaxy Mapping the Cosmos
    James Geach
    The numbers involved when it comes to discussing stars, galaxies and the...
  • The Papacy in the Modern World A Political History
    Frank J. Coppa
    For some two millennia the papacy has presided over the governance of the Roman...